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UK Steel Roller Shutter Doors

UK Steel Roller Shutter Doors have become one of the best methods to secure your business' premises. These steel shutter doors provide a high level of security to your business, protecting your equipment and goods from any potential trespassers and thefts. Our security doors not only provide a high degree of security to your premises but are also attractive and cost effective, making any decisions on how to protect your business from theft, vandalism, or any operational interruption easier.

Roller Shutter Security Doors have materialised as a key component of business infrastructure for nearly all businesses that depend upon the permanency of any operation. 

Additionally, Steel Roller Shutter Doors are multipurpose as they prove to be effective marketing tools. The Steel Doors can also manifest as an advertisement placard, allowing your business to self-promote your company logo, products, and/or vital contact information. Thus, our doors can boast high-visibility and eye-catching advertisements that will be exposed to important passing visitors and trade, all at a comparatively low cost to other marketing platforms.


The adaptable Steel Roller Shutter Security Doors from Wessex are ideally suited for:

  • Business Units
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial Units
  • Commercial Garages
  • Commercial Premises
  • Factories
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurant Shore Fronts
  • Shops
  • Hotels and many other premises and business types

In order to find the right Steel Roller Shutter Security Door that best fits your business and meets all of your individual requirements at a fantastic, high value for money price, contact Wessex Industrial Doors today. We are a leading UK Steel Roller Shutter Doors company.

Call 01935 473708 today. To discover further ways of how our Industrial Doors can provide real and positive impacts to your business: speak to one of our experienced and friendly engineers today. 


Why Business Owners Choose Wessex Industrial Doors.

At Wessex Industrial Doors, based in Yeovil since 1983, we have proven to be a well-established and professional Industrial Door Company. At competitive prices, we are proud to provide a wide variety of businesses with attractive bespoke designs, where we only use the best materials to manufacture reliable steel roller doors and shutters. We provide businesses with end products that are impressively durable, resisting the harshest of weather conditions for future decades.

The high quality service provided by all of our team, ensures that your business facilities will be highly secured enabling you to continuously operate and not worry about any potential breakdowns and security breaches. We also take time to offer you a warning against the cheaper imitations of steel industrial doors that are available elsewhere. For instance, the use of inferior materials, a one-size-fits all approach and poor installations are likely to result in malfunctions which can negatively impact your business. If you want to purchase a door based purely on price alone, there are many cheap alternatives.

Adaptable, Flexible Industrial Roller Shutters.

These doors are available in almost any size and build specification, while also addressing the variety of factors each business may have:

Insulation, Fire Protection, Glazing, Opening Speed, Security etc.

Wessex Industrial Doors have designed and implemented Industrial Steel Roller Shutters & Doors at business premises for over 30 years. We have an impressive team made up of qualified engineers and designers who have decades of combined experience in technical, electric and security aspects of Industrial Door Manufacture. Our professional team are always happy to advise you on the specification of our doors to help address your specific needs.

Industrial Roller Shutters And Doors - Quality Materials & Reliable Operation

Wessex Industrial Doors have been installed across the UK both by Wessex and other Industrial Door Installation Companies. Our doors have a first class reputation for the quality of manufacture, door reliability and longevity. 

No matter the location or building type, Industrial Roller Shutters are ideal to secure and insulate your business premises. Robust, versatile, adaptable and requiring minimal maintenance. The multiple operation modes available include: manual, electric operation or remote control. The type of Roller Shutter Doors required for your business operation is considered at the heart of our door design process.

Call us now on 01935 473708 for advice or more details.


Steel Roller Shutter Security Doors are suitable for any building that requires a branded, attractive, low cost, secure, easy to use roller shutter, that can be operated manually or electrically. Some even include remote control operation.

If your business has the need for controlled security, ease of access, reliable operation with a variety of operation modes and branded door finishes, Wessex Industrial Doors have the products, experience and craftsmanship to deliver the industrial door solution you need.

For more information about our UK Steel Roller Shutter Security Doors, get in touch now on 01935 473708 or use our contact form to discuss your requirements and set up your free site survey.


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