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Damaged Roller Door Repairs - Wessex Industrial Doors

Damaged Industrial Door Repairs

Wessex Industrial Doors, based in Yeovil (Somerset) have repaired as many Industrial Doors as we have designed, manufactured and installed. Fork Lift Damage to an Industrial Door requires urgent repair and attention. Left un-addressed a Damaged Industrial Door could expose the business owner to loss of revenue, theft and loss of reputation. Our Industrial Door Repairs are carried out with urgency and the same level of customer care as all our Industrial Door projects.

If you have a Damaged Industrial Door, Roller Shutter or Sliding Door get in touch with Wessex Industrial Doors.


Damage to Industrial Roller Shutter Door caused by Fork Lift

Fork Lift Damage is one of the most common causes for repair to Industrial Doors. Opposite are photos of a Damage caused by a Fork Lift Truck to a Roller Shutter Door and the same opening repaired. All within 2 days of the initial damage.

"The Roller Shutter Door was damaged by a Fork Lift Truck on a Wednesday and we were advised immediately by our client. By Thursday we were able to manufacture a replacement curtain and return on Friday with the replacement Roller Shutter to install it leaving the door looking good as new!"

"When your door is out of action a speedy repair is essential and we at Wessex take pride in our ability to deal with repairs in a timely and efficient manner" said George Pasparakis, Sales manager at Wessex Industrial Doors.

If you have any questions or need any further information regarding our Industrial Door Projects or Industrial Door Repair UK please call us on 01935 473708, or use our contact form.