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Large Sliding Folding Doors - Wessex Industrial Doors

Large Sliding Folding Doors - Perfect for Wide Door Openings.

Folding sliding Shutters can make a considerable enhancement to the effective use of a Factory's Workspace.

Many Factories, Business Units and Warehouses even now use hinged Industrial Doors, which have commonly been in place since the building of the Business Premises. These traditional type of doors, sometimes manufactured from wood (instead of High Grade Aluminum or Galvanized Steel) frequently cause more issues than they solve.

The main difficulties with these hinged doors are that they limit access at the entrance of the buildings where it is typically the most confined along with the security features of these older doors are usually confined to just a big lock or padlock. These old style Commercial Doors make basic targets for a serious thief.

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Large Folding Sliding Doors

As part of an active working day, when business trucks come for collections or drop offs, they are typically on a restricted schedule and so they want to be able to reverse as near to the entrance of the commerce unit as possible, collect or deposit their goods and get away on to the next client. When they turn up at a factory entrance with hinges they need to park away from the entrance with plenty of clearance to open the shutters and then back in. Its much more efficient with a Folding sliding Door where the lorry or van can back right up to the way in, the doors are slid open they usually have immediate access to the premises. Excellent.


The security of hinged factory doors are furthermore a business risk that many factory owners should consider

The new, industrial strength, Sliding Folding Doors, manufactured and installed by Wessex Industrial Doors are designed and constructed with ease of access and security in mind. The resources utilised are specifically selected for the use they are to be used for and their easy slide engineering means that entry to the building is easy and protected.

An additional value of these Folding sliding Doors is that they can be manufactured for very wide openings and are the Industrial Door of choice for many Aircraft Hangar Doors and big Agricultural Barns and Warehouses.

These premises frequently require the movement of big machines and vehicles or craft in and out of the premises. Working with any other type of Door, instead of Sliding Folding Doors quite often proves to be totally un-workable and the de-facto standard for these large Hangars and Lock up premises is the Commercial Sliding Folding Door.

Galvanized Steel

Made from Galvanized Steel or at times Aluminum these large industrial doors have the light weight and strength essential to cover such large entrances, securely but with the rigidity needed for such a large structure.

Nonetheless, one type or style does not fit all and it is key to chose the correct door for the requirements of the business and the facilities used. Wessex Industrial Doors have a great number of years of experience in helping Business Owners choose the right solution to help their business grow.

Upkeep of the sliding folding door is kept to the bare minimum if on a daily basis the owner checks to make sure that:

There isn't any deterioration to any parts of the door, greater force is not necessary to operate the door and the components of the door and the tracks are free from grime and dust build up possible to affect the use.

If any issues should occur, then quick treatment to them is generally the best way to ensure repair charges are kept to a minimum. Get in touch with a skilled, experienced engineer and request a call out visit.

Aircraft Hangar Doors

Wessex Industrial Doors have installed Sliding Folding Doors in many installations of Factory and Business Unit Doors and also Aircraft Hangar and Agricultural Barn Doors, and are pleased to help with any questions you may have when considering Sliding Folding Doors for your Business Operation.


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